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January 21: The Unoa L-Bi I had traded for arrived today. It was shipped Saturday Jan 18 -- though I have still received no contact whatsoever from RockScientist/Suuchan.

I have not gotten it yet, but my roommate unpacked it and said it's fine.

I can't even say how happy I am that this is over.

I need to thank the BJD community...
I am so grateful for all the help. The tips, advice, information and support was so appreciated, I can't even say thanks enough.

I am considering this trade finished/resolved, though unsatisfactory. I would not ever do business with this person again.

Thank you again *many many many hugs*


EDIT: I now know that she has been on DOA (She is Suuchan there) Jan 3,  and Den of Demons recently, which is narrowing down the possibility that something happened too her to make her disappear. If she can log on elsewhere she can message me back. If anyone knows her DOD name, I would love to know. -- Dur. I forgot I can log on there myself. She's Suuchan on DOD as well - last logged in Sat Jan 11.

I have reposted this on DOA, Dairyland, my old LJ, the Bad Dolly Deals on LJ, Deviantart and my local yahoo group.

I have pmed her on DOA, and I have emailed her.

Thanks to helpful community members I will be filing a report with the IC3.

I have her facebook page and Aim.

I am not ready to post her full name yet...I'm still hoping she'll do the right thing and send the doll back or at least finish the trade.

If anyone feels like reposting this anywhere, feel free. I would love to have it everywhere it can be. Anymore info about her is also appreciated.

I can't thank you enough. The BJD community has just been so amazing the last few days. I've cried many happy tears *so many hugs* Thank you <3333


It's been a while since I posted here, mostly because somehow I thought my login was something else and got locked out XD

I'm sorry that this is my first post in a long time, but....I recently had a trade in the BJD community go wrong and I am trying to get it out everywhere I can.

I kept holding out hope that it would come back to me after not being claimed, but no. It was delivered after all....so it looks like it was stolen.

Here's the story:
Dec 29 I made a deal for a trade with a member of the MidWest USA doll forum Dairyland who goes by the name of RockScientist. I would send her my Switch Taeheo head on a Souldoll double body and she would send her Unoa L-Bi. She had good feedback, had done several other trades for dolls (including the doll she was offering to me) and it really looked like there shouldn't be a problem.

I sent the doll off as planned and messaged her to let her know.


I didn't hear from her, I didn't get a doll in the mail, she hasn't even logged back onto Dairyland.

The Switch Taeheo was attempted to be delivered on Saturday, Jan 4, and a notice was left. It sat there until yesterday when it was finally claimed.

I still have no doll in return, and have still heard nothing. I pmed her, but if she's not logging on she's not getting it, and even if she is, if she's stolen my doll she isn't going to care.

The switch head in question has no identifying marks at all, i had given it a faceup but wiped it when I put the doll up for sale. It does have faceup residue in the mouth and eyes, but what head doesn't? It was shipped in the head box with COA and a pair of Dollmore Acrylic eyes in an olive green color. There was a black fur wig I had made for it a long with.....trimmed in the back.
I was storing the broken finger in it's head, if she never removed it, it may still be there, but I seriously doubt it.

The Souldoll body may be a little easier to identify -- it has a broken pinky finger on the right hand, a full body blush by me, mani-pedi, and the symbol for the angel Uriel on it's back (because it was his body first). I shipped the doll unstrung. Souldoll does not sell extra hands, so the finger will either have to be glued on, or left off.

The doll was sent to League City Texas.

I am still holding out the hope that there was an accident or emergency and somehow this will be resolved,

but the more time that passes the less hope I have...
so many trades in this hobby and had nothing go wrong....now this.

Yay 2014 :\

this is the doll I sent, that has been lost/stolen
taeheo3   taeheo7

taeheo3   taeheo4

Like I said, I am still holding out hope that this was somehow a huge misunderstanding, or there was an emergency....so if there is anyone out there in the area who might know anything, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

Thank you! Sorry for such a downer post...but the loss of a BJD, especially since I was so excited to get a Unoa in return, has really upset me...

Anyone out there?

I am thinking of brining this back to life...

Anyone still using LJ? I might just make a new blog, or use one my other two instead, but I thought I'd give it a try...


I am shocked. He's finally here. One year, two months, nine days.

cut for saintCollapse )


Fourteen Months.

Is a long time.

Dollshe finally shipped my Saint.

Doll Blog

Oi Alex I is a filthy mess D:
Since he's all-over blushed and tatted up nicely he collects every amount of crud there is. Oddly my two WS Kara Klums aren't nearly as dirty, and they're the ones that only wear black! I think Alex I rolls around in dirt when I'm not home. He's also been pulling out his bones(wires)...every time I look at him another one is sticking out! I think maybe he's trying to tell me he doesn't need them? Who knows. His hair is a like disaster...I'm on a wig modding kick and he's getting two new ones. One I just got last night, chopped it off, boiled it, cut it and boiled again. The second boiling was worse, and now it needs a third and hopefully final. Until then he's trying it out...I LOVE the style, but the color is a good shade darker than his usual blond. Not sure if I can handle that....

The second of his two knew wigs is going to be awesome if I can pull it off. I don't even want to discuss it X33 for fear I'll mess it up and it will go away. Luckily the weather is suck today so I'll be working on it tonight when I get home....if Monique ships fast, maybe I'll have it done next week...

Wyn is also getting an updated look. It's been nice to work on my older dolls...I miss them ;^;

In other news I have a Doll Blog now. I just started it today, and I already posted three times XD
Mostly just opening crap, a doll FAQ which I've always wanted to do, and the same profile I have here, over there. I really just wanted a place that is only for BJDs with a little art/comic talk, since the dolls are interchangeable with that. I don't have one without the other anymore D:

It's totally a WIP, and looks pretty bad (but I know nothing about web design or CSS so it may be that way for awhile), but I am encouraged to keep it up. I really want a photo-dump for all my doll piccies I never post anywhere.

In case you're interested, it be here http://paintitblackstudio.blogspot.com/
But like I said, I just started it, so don't expect much XD
That's actually the name I always wanted to use if I ever opened any kind of shop. At least I'm using it for something! :D


Happy Birthday to two Alexes

First off, I hate people sometimes. I swear, I know how to print from Illustrator. I've been doing it for more than 10 years. When an asshole printer tech says something is off in the program, not the printer, when it prints just fine from other printers it really really pisses me off. That just means that A. he's a moron and can't do his job or B. he doesn't want too.

Other than that, I have doll photos!

photos!Collapse )

Holy crap in a handbasket.

I swear there are days when I feel like I've lost all ability to draw.

So I have been trying to do a page a week this year of Forgotten Children. It's been going great, I had four pages done already when my total for last year was 10. then I got stalled out on last weeks page and it was two days late, giving me a late start on page 25. Even worse? I've now redrawn page 25 about 6 times. One panel more than that even. The paper is getting scraggly. Last night I attempted to redo said evil panel outside of the page, hoping I get it right and drop it in via photoshop. It failed. That usually works and it failed. So today I traced the head of the figure giving me trouble, and retraced it in a separate book to see if I could get the rest right without too much redrawing....and got it on the first few lines.


Why I couldn't have done that four days ago I don't know. But I guess this means I'm back on some kind of late schedule. I doubt I'll finish this page though...not by Wednesday. It's not penciled yet, just roughed, and I really should have been inking already. Ugh. Maybe this weekend I'll get caught up. I have other drawing projects I need to do, but I was really wanting to get a bunch of FC done first. Especially since I will be doing another Art Demo at art mart and wanted new stuff...lots of new stuff....to show.

Bleh. Sometimes art sucks. *kicks it*


Doll for sale - Dollmore Kid Vian EDIT

EDIT: Currently I am only selling her head. I wiped the faceup so it is blank.
Price: $75 USD plus shipping.

vian1 />
I haven't really been on LJ a lot lately and now I'm making a doll-sales post XD
It's to link to DA so non-DOAers can see her.
I am in serious need of room on my doll shelves (especially now D: ) so I had to let go of some of my crew. This is the only one left!
You can message me here, on deviantart, or DOA if you're interested. Thanksies!!

pictures and sales info under cutCollapse )


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